A weapon design and fabrication summary.


Work begins with a concept sheet.

A design is selected and detailed design is completed.

In the process a 3D design model and 2D flat pattern is produced.


Components are laser cut from sheet metal.

The pieces are formed, welded, and finished.

Optional haft is assembled, to convert the short blade into a spear tip.

Completed Product.
Note prototype rough finish. Finish can be arbitrarily fine, on request.

To order, use the following parameters to generate a part number.
Parametric Specs:
-D = Description, user-filled value for descriptions to Tryop, non-binding
-N = Notes, may be modified or over-written by Tryop to encode database links, PO#, etc. For the below, append "C" to the end to indicate a custom element
-M = Material. Default = SS (alloys are representative, substitute materials are allowed)
--AL = Aluminium (6061)
--CS = Carbon Steel (1018)
--AS = Alloy Steel (4130 hilt and spine, 5160 blade)
--SS = Stainless Steel (304)
--BS = Blade quality stainless (304 hilt and spine, S30V blade)
--TI = Titanium (Grade 5)
-B = Blade size. ~10cm increments. Default = 3, Max 11, Min 1
-S = Spine size. ~10cm increments. Default = 3, Max 11, Min 1. Must be >= blade
-H = Hilt options. Default = T
--O or 0 = no cross-guard
--T = with cross-guard, logo (Tryop unless custom)
--H = with cross-guard, hole (instead of logo)
--B = with cross-guard, blank (solid, no hole or logo)

Example part numbers:
"TryopDrublade" (The default blade shown above)
"TryopDrublade-H0-B4C-MBS-S5-NS/N#0053-Dflame blade" (A longer sword with no cross-guard and a "flame blade")


Tryop is, like the Drublade, versatile and innovative.

Tryop is a contract-only DBA company. Contact us by e-mail via: