Occasionally, you just need to arrange a cluster
of flowers and barbed plant stalks
into a fresh spray
of geometry and color.
Tryop can help.

First, select a promising set of flowers from a local retailer.

Then exit your building complex and search for some wild plant life.

Preferably a variety with long stems.

Non desiccated specimens are preferred.

Especially wildlife with spines.

When handling spiky plants, proper tools are suggested.

Collect them within your processing complex.

Lay out the samples for trimming.

And remove excess branches, stems, etc. Approximately half of the stem should be cleaned.

If you have decorative artificial components on hand, you can also incorporate these into the arrangement.

Simply attach wire to create an artificial stem and keep the components in place.

Below is a detail of the decorative spheres attached to wire.

Below is a detail of the decorative branches attached to wire.

Finally, grab all the stems at once, and wrap in brightly colored paper.

Contact us below if you want your own arrangement of flowers concocted from local materials.


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