The Tryop Goblet: A revolutionary imbibing technology.


The Tryop Goblet is designed for the four core functions of a cup or bowl. Retaining fluids, manual transport, manual retention, and drinking or pouring. In addition, there is an added function (in metal versions) which maintains tonal resonance on striking the vessel.


Many modern mugs and cups have sharp internal corners, which trap evaporate and old food. The Tryop Goblet is designed with a fully smoothed internal surface, for ease of cleaning.

The Tryop Goblet has independent legs to prevent the formation of condensate rings, and reduce rocking on uneven surfaces. The front and rear legs have through holes for mounting the goblet on hooks or lines. The upper lip of the goblet is non-flat as well, which allows the vessel to dry completely after cleaning, even if placed on a flat watertight surface (such as a counter-top or shelf).


You have to be able to pick up a cup to drink from it. The Tryop Goblet makes this easy with the lifting tabs which provide a clear and ideal location to grasp the goblet between the thumb and middle finger. Then swivel your grip around the tabs to situate the hand ideally for...


One may hold the Tryop Goblet any way one wishes. That said, the exterior structural ridges have been designed for comfortable placement of the finger tips to lend both the sense and fact of grippiness.

Like a glove turned inside out, the Tryop Goblet fits your hand.


A spout makes drinking from the Tryop Goblet as easy and comfortable as drinking straight from the carton. In addition, the recess at the far side of the vessel provides accommodation for the bridge of the nose.


In addition to its optimized function as a drinking vessel, the Tryop Goblet includes tuned resonant masses for a strong tone when the vessel is set down or struck. These resonant elements are designed for minimum damping even when the vessel is held, allowing the vessel to be played as a percussion instrument.


The Tryop Goblet is not currently available for purchase by the public. If you are interested in a private short run, contact us at the address below. Pricing is currently approximately 1k USD each.


Throughout the development process, Tryop has kept the core functionality goals in mind.

The first step was to make a 3D prototype for ergonomic testing.

After gross design was complete, detailing and more refined prototypes were called for.

Finally, acoustic modeling took place.

After finishing the analysis, a prototype was printed through Shapeways.


Tryop is in favor of fluids.

Tryop is a contract-only DBA company. Contact us by e-mail via: