Tryop Spires: Towering edifices for every occasion.


Mount Rainier in Washington State is currently incomplete.
The peak is broken and shattered, unfit for such a majestic mountain.

Mount Rainier is also an active volcano.
Its presence threatens hundreds of thousands of lives.

Fortunately, we already posess the technology to address both of these issues.

By building a spire for research and core-quench drilling, we can improve the beauty and safety of our natural resources.


Our cities are currently designed for luxury, sudden construction, and gradual decay.
Our buildings can not grow organically.

Our cities are also rife with poverty, and afford the poor few places to live.
We have outlawed the poor from our society, and given them no place safe from their oppressors.

Fortunately, we already posess the technology to address both of these issues.

Each shell tower is reached by a spiral ramp.

There is a backup access ladder in each space. This ladder also serves as a utility column for water and sewage, if the tenants can afford such luxuries.

Each space is large enough, either for one person with wealth, or a dozen that are poor.

The shell can be formed for strength and aesthetics.

Each shell is concentric, and can grow independently.

The shells are surrounded by a collider track with an open inner surface. This will double as a moat and, when combined with the concentric towers, forms a highly defensible fortification, increasing the cost of exploiting the poor.


Tryop is quite ambitious.

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