Order your own towel hanger today!


I want to bedeck the rooms of my house with rich tapestries, quilts, and embroidered landscapes.

Problem is, I don't have the money for that. Those Jaquard woven tapestries are expensive!

You know the cheap way to get art on your walls and mute the echoy emptiness of your vacant drywalled estate? Patterned beach towels!

The tiny nails which stud the back surface grasp the cloth without any obstructive knobs or inconvenient threads of normal quilt hangers.


To order, use the following parameters to generate a part number.

Parametric Specs:
-D = Description, user-filled value for descriptions to Tryop, non-binding
-N = Notes, may be modified or over-written by Tryop to encode database links, PO#, etc.
For the below, append or substitute "C" to indicate a custom element
-M = Material. Default is P
--P = Pine (standard lumber)
--H = Hardwood (Oak, Walnut, Maple, etc)
--S = Plain Steel (1018 or similar)
--SS = Stainless Steel (304 or similar)
--A = Aluminium (6061, 6063, or similar)
-H = Height, in standard lumber dimensions. Default = 3 (2.5 inches)
-W = Width, in inches. Default = 27
-E = End style. Default is A
--S = Square
--N = Concave
--V = Convex
--A = Angled
-I = Interface. Default is E. Append the number, default 1.
--E = Eye-bolt
--H = Hook
-T = Trim. Default is Q
--Q = Quarter-round
--A = Angled (chamfer)
--V = Cove (concave quarter round)
-F = Finish and/or artwork. Default is 0
--0 or O = No finish
--S = Stained and sealed

Example part numbers:
"TryopTowelHanger" (The default towel hanger shown above, approx $45 each)
"TryopTowelHanger-H6-W32-FC-MH-IE2" (A hanger 5.5" tall and 32" wide, with two eye-bolts, made of hardwood and with an unspecified custom finish, approx $75 each)


Tryop is, like the Towel Hanger, elegant and inconspicuous.

Tryop is a contract-only DBA company. Contact us by e-mail via: