Thank you for your interest in Tryop Storage.

Tryop can maintain the environmental conditions
of anything
from people
to planets
and beyond.

For most needs, we use commercial structures and services.

For extraordinary storage jobs,
we design and build our own structures
to meet your needs.

Contact us today to find out what it will take to keep your stuff like it is,
for as long as you want it that way.

Please note that:
As with armor,nothing is perfect.
Storage of people is considered imprisonment, and may not be available in all circumstances.
Storage of planets is enforced by gravity, and is generally unnecessary.

The Tryop Goblet is designed for small-scale storage and access of liquids and bulk solids.


Tryop is committed to thick walls and thermodynamic pumps.

Tryop is a contract-only DBA company. Contact us by e-mail via: